GloboSushi – Global Glow

In continuation with our “restaurant design” tour of Moscow next place I’m going to take you is totally different from any other place you saw or will see in this tour later..

One word to describe it would most probably be “FUTURISTIC”…

It’s a sushi bar “GLOBOSUSHI”.

This restaurant is located on Noviy(New) Arbat street in THE HEART of Moscow. Don’t mix it with Stary(Old) Arbat street, which is one of the most historic streets of Moscow, full of tourists and souvenir shops, street artists and painters. Even this two streets  are located parallel to each other they are soooo different. See it yourself. Noviy Arbat street used to be  famous for its casinos. However since few years ago the gambling is forbidden, but the street is still shiny and full of lights. Now it’s full of restaurants of all types starting from russian traditional menu as well as interior and ending with futuristic Globosushi.

So Let’s go and check it out…

From the first look you can tell that the concept of the space is mostly based on color and it’s transformations.

All the furniture is made of clear plastic. Chairs, sofas, tables and everything else in the space is transparent.

You may wonder how comfy it may be to “lounge” on the plexiglass sofas.. well, for this reason some of them have cushions on.


If you choose to seat in the center of the space on the second floor you will have a choice of ordering from the menu or paying $40 and getting eat as much as you can from this cute transporter plus a hot dish. Fun Fact: the actual surface of this transporter is not moving at all. The trick is hidden under the surface and inside of the plates.

Magnets and most probably you have guessed already.

I’m sorry for the lack of views in the pictures but the restaurant didn’t let me make pictures so these are my spy camera shots :))

The lighting is created of lit translucent  tiles on the floor and ceiling. The colors of them are mostly different , like pink and blue or green and yellow. That  way  this simple lighting gives a lot. First of all it creates a fantastic gradient effect from ourside, and also it creates a diversity of colors and shades within the space .

It may look very uncomfortable because of bright colors and effect they may have on your vision. However, they thought of it! So the solution is simple.. most of the time they play with soft white, light blue, light pink and yellowish colors, but every 15 mins they have 5 mins of intense coloring like bright green(and you can feel like a Shrek), orange(Umpa lumpa?:)), red (who was red??) and dark blue..:))))

I hope you liked it…:)))

Also in the end of Novy Arbat you will find brand new Lotte Plaza which is a luxury trade center and a home for few restaurants and bars that I’m planning to cover in my next posts. So stay tuned..:))



“Oblaka(Clouds)” Bar & Restaurant

So as I promised you, let’s start the tour of Moscow restaurants.

First in my list is a young(1y.o.) but very succesful restaurant/bar “Oblaka(Clouds)”.

Located in the heart of luxury Moscow, on Kutuzovskiy Prospekt on the top floor of the shopping gallery “Vremena Goda”.

White sofas with high backs and cozy pillows creating the effect of privacy. Sheer curtains and draped shades of chandeliers remind of summer. An open kitchen, onyx finished bar – everything is simple and in its place.

Besides, there is a fantastic panorama of Moscow and one of the best summer verandas in the capital.

Kitchen of Restaurant/Bar “Oblaka” is uniquely mixed European and Oriental cuisine.

In restaurant are hold “Musical Wednesdays”. DJ plays from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Vacation Mode

I’m currently spending my vacation in Moscow, Russia. Weather is not as good as in LA, but there are a lot of things to do, places to visit and of course people to catch up with.. It’s been more than a year since my visit last summer..and I’ve missed a lot! Moscow often reminds me of New York! If you are looking for a very fast, very business oriented, very hi-end city in Russia, Moscow is the best place for you! I was born here 25 years ago. Back then this country was called USSR. It collapsed when I was 6. Now the only thing left from those times is architecture and city structure… other than that it’s a totally different place. So this time around I’ve decided to refresh and update my knowledge of the hottest places in the city. Of course the designer in me never sleeps.. so I’ve decided to take you on the tour of restaurant and hospitality design! This time in Moscow, Russia.

I’ll keep you posted! 😉

Cheers! Y.

Magic Rugs…

It’s been a long long almost 3 month since my last post..I was very busy with my projects and then my long time dream – vacation in Europe this summer moved to fall… So my mood wasn’t letting me feel like getting inspired and sharing something amazing here..But now I’m back and can’t wait to let you know about some exciting new findings I came across.

So Tonight  I have an amazing collection of rugs to share with you..:)

1. This rug simply took my breath away as soon as I saw the picture.. so i can’t imagine how gorgeous it is in real life! I’m not a huge fan of red rugs but for this gem I’d  change my all furniture just  to get this one to my space..

So ladys and gentlemen, let me introduce you Rosette – Felted italian merino wool rug by ABC Home.

Visit ABC Home website for more details.

2. Twilight and moon light on the water inspired called Glimmering Twilight is my # 2 favorite rug this time. Created by Fort Street Studio this rug creates an amazing mixture of feelings when you look at it’s royal blue backgound you expect  something traditionally luxurious, however instead of traditional you get a contemporary pattern of yellow and white “light reflections on the water”. Enjoy!

Visit Fort Street Studio Webside for more information

3. Experience the Color Reform with my another favorite by ABC Home. I’m completely in love with the color combination and elaborate expressionistic manner it is presented in. This rug will be a great comforting addition to any room whether you have a sleek contemporary whites, girly pinks or so popular now Hollywood regency…

Visit ABC Home website for more details.

4. Beautiful new contemporary Thibetian wool collection of rugs inspired by natural stone patterns. German designer Jan Kath creates modern rugs that cater to the minimalist in us all. I truly admire the colors and patterns he introduced in this collection. It is really something special when you apply to design of the rug the patterns other flooring material are so famous for…Thanks to Jan Kath now we don’t have to compromise the coziness and comfort of your bedroom or living room even if you are obsessed with marble, onyx or other natural stone flooring.

Here Are Some rugs from his collection:

Visit Jan Kath’s official website for more information

So this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great weekend! Wait for a new post soon..;)

P.S. All images and information via websites mentioned above.

Waves in the bathroom..

I love these modern designs by Rubinetterie Bandini. Their obsession with new materials and technology manifest in a product that is more like modern sculpture than bathroom fixtures and faucets. Both their modern and classic collections for the bathroom and kitchen hold a very beautiful pleasing aesthetic with innovative designs that are very inspiring.

The graceful rippling effect of the Ocean sink is simply stunning.

Also check out these extraordinary sinks from their Arya, Notte and Luce Collections… Gorgeous..

All Images and info via Rubinetterie Bandini and TraeChic

Not A Typical Sofa…

If someone would ever ask me what is the most important piece of furniture for a living space.. I’d say it’s sofa…Why? Well,  large scale and functionality are obvious answers, but also Sofa became a special place of comfort for every modern home…when your friends come over, when you are just by yourself tired after work reading a book or watching a tv, when you cuddling with your beloved one…etc. Of course the main function of sofa is to comfort you, but what about style? Looking through my favorite furniture collection I’ve decided to share some sofas that not only comfortable but also have a very unique style..)))

Bohémien sofa. Designed by Italian architect Castello Lagravinese, Bohémien is a modern interpretation of traditional styles.

Busnelli has introduced Bohémien sofa in 2010.

Sharpei Sofa. One very inspirational sofa photos today from the Danish manufacturer Eilersen.

“At a distance the sofa is almost a floating curtain; this effect is created by the virtually invisible plinth and a very special upholstery technique. The sofa is like a soft, playful dog with extremely large and wrinkly skin, hence the name Sharpei,” explains Morten Voss.

Sharpei is a modular series, and the under-frame is available in black, gold and chrome-plated steel.

Togo Sofa. Designed by Michel Ducaroy over 30 years ago, the Togo Sofa is a Ligne Roset classic. Amazingly, the Togo collection is becoming even more popular now as the entire world moves toward modern.

Ruche Sofa. Desgigned by Inga Sempe, this elegant sofa has an outer seat inspired by swing seats and has a structure in solid natural or stained beech. The stylish seat and backseat cover of the Ruche is elegant enough to make the sofa an item for your home’s interior design.

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Simply Stunning… by ONG&ONG

Designed by architects from ONG&ONG this contemporary house in Singapore is meant to give you “a spatial experience that excites the senses by promoting light.”

Water, light, metal – keys to perfect contemporary design. Gorgeous teal pool as a foreground  with  light spacious and very minimalistic interiors… Perfection!

And the best part, you can open glass partitions and the whole first floor becomes 1 huge space with a pool in the middle. Perfect idea for entertaining , isn’t it? I’m starting to think about getting some properties in Singapore:)…

I think they should rename the company…from ONG&ONG to OMG&OMG….

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