Not A Typical Sofa…

If someone would ever ask me what is the most important piece of furniture for a living space.. I’d say it’s sofa…Why? Well,  large scale and functionality are obvious answers, but also Sofa became a special place of comfort for every modern home…when your friends come over, when you are just by yourself tired after work reading a book or watching a tv, when you cuddling with your beloved one…etc. Of course the main function of sofa is to comfort you, but what about style? Looking through my favorite furniture collection I’ve decided to share some sofas that not only comfortable but also have a very unique style..)))

Bohémien sofa. Designed by Italian architect Castello Lagravinese, Bohémien is a modern interpretation of traditional styles.

Busnelli has introduced Bohémien sofa in 2010.

Sharpei Sofa. One very inspirational sofa photos today from the Danish manufacturer Eilersen.

“At a distance the sofa is almost a floating curtain; this effect is created by the virtually invisible plinth and a very special upholstery technique. The sofa is like a soft, playful dog with extremely large and wrinkly skin, hence the name Sharpei,” explains Morten Voss.

Sharpei is a modular series, and the under-frame is available in black, gold and chrome-plated steel.

Togo Sofa. Designed by Michel Ducaroy over 30 years ago, the Togo Sofa is a Ligne Roset classic. Amazingly, the Togo collection is becoming even more popular now as the entire world moves toward modern.

Ruche Sofa. Desgigned by Inga Sempe, this elegant sofa has an outer seat inspired by swing seats and has a structure in solid natural or stained beech. The stylish seat and backseat cover of the Ruche is elegant enough to make the sofa an item for your home’s interior design.

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