United Nations Memorial Cube Project by ACME

Every once in a while I’ll come across a beautiful building that I fall in love with. This one isn’t just beautiful outside, the whole concept, meaning and purpose is truly brilliant.

In October 2009 London-based architecture firm ACME was awarded third prize in a competition to design a United Nations memorial. Initiated by the city of Chungju in South Korea, the selected memorial will rest in the city’s UN Peace Park.

The project stands as a metaphor of  what UN is, it’s meaning, structure and system of operation.

“In the same way that the UN is formed by individual nations, the form of the cube is proposed to be formed from smaller cells that come together to form the final shape. The cells represent the collective nature of  the organization, where many different nations come together to create one entity, but without losing their individual identities”.

ACME proposed building contains 1500 seating spaces, 2 conference halls, a theater and exhibition spaces. Also gorgeous open staircase leads all the way up through exterior of the building to the roof, where an open public garden and green roof awaits.

Info and Pics via www.e-architect.co.uk


Gorgeous Creatures…

Tonight, while browsing through some design related sites I’ve found myself one more page to bookmark. Looking through their collection I was just blown out and had no other words except amazing and gorgeous.

So, Ladys and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to amazing and gorgeous Shine Labs.

Shine Labs is a young design company created in 2009 and based in San Francisco. Shine Labs offers a meticulously curated collection of contemporary lighting and accessories that “shine” – artful objects that inspire a second look.

Owner James Henderson and in house designers Stephani Martinez and James Sampayan work in tandem with designers and artisans in the Far East to develop standout pieces that will delight the eye, amuse, or simply perform flawlessly.

Here are some amazing pieces from their collection:

Peacock Wire Votive and Seed Pod Votive are inspired by the liveliness of blooming fruit and flower pods.

Strips of felt move across a silk shade to form the Curve Pendant, reducing glare and creating a unique visual texture. Available in Ivory or Black. LOOOOOVE IT!!!

The Moire collection  of  pendants(Opium,Emperor, and Tibet Pendant) hangs in the aesthetic balance of being both modern minimal and classic traditional. Although the shapes are bold, these wireforms have a comfortable visual lightness that allows them to be at home in many architectural environments and situations.

Images via Shine Labs

Bloom(ing) Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue

This chair in my opinion is absolutely gorgeous and must have piece in my collection of unique modern chairs created by Kenneth Cobonpue.

It may remind you a flower or a mushroom,I even read somewhere about jellyfish..well, it’s definitely inspired by nature.

So here how it’s made.

“The Bloom Lounge Chair is made of microfiber stitched over a resin top with a steel base. Inspired by the graceful blossom of a flower, this lounge chair is sculpted by hundreds of fine running stitches radiating from the center of the seat creating a subtle textural feel. Invisible supports form shapes reminiscent of soft and graceful musical tones”.

You can get it in 4 colors: moss green, light green, yellow or red.

There is also a smaller version of this beauty – Club Chair.

Photos and info via http://www.kennethcobonpue.com

Lounge Chair by Kamil Kurka

One more beautiful piece into my modern chair collection.

This one is designed by czech designer Kamil Kurka.

He calls it Relax Lounge chair.

“It’s inspired by hand. The hand that holds you in the palm let you relax and drowse you with soft touch and mild swing. Endless flexible frame let you float in the air.

Relax lounge chair combines modern technology and functionality with a beauty of natural materials.

Frame is made of straight grain veneers glued together. There are various grain directions in each layer for best strength and flexibility. Endless frame has no fix connection in the cross, only plastic sliders in between.

Seat is divided into 3 cushions covered in white leather, for better comfort and support of the body”.

Kamil is currently looking for a manufacturer to develop this project further and finally produce this beautiful piece.

Pictures and info via http://kurkadesign.webnode.cz/relax/

Gorgeous Rugs..

While working on one of my projects and searching for some products for my geometrical inspired design I came across one very unique rug design company. Recognized foremost for their collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings, Kyle Bunting also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications.

Here are some examples of his rugs:

Peacocks and other beautiful creatures..

While surfing through interior design magazines lately I couldn’t help myself but fall in love with one very special chair..

It’s called Peacock chair..

It was designed by Studio Dror for italian furniture  company Cappellini.

I truly believe that everything of genius is simple… it just has to be this way otherwise it should be called smart, but not genius..

The chair is created out of three sheets of felt and a minimal metal frame. The folds of the felt are woven tightly to form a structured yet incredibly comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved.

The chair will be available in 4 colors: yellow, blue, purple and green!


Hello world!:)

I’m a complete design addict..specializing in Interior Design! Day by day I’m finding more and more inspiring projects, products and just  brands that I’d like to keep my eye on…so this blog will be my resource library!!