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Waves in the bathroom..

I love these modern designs by Rubinetterie Bandini. Their obsession with new materials and technology manifest in a product that is more like modern sculpture than bathroom fixtures and faucets. Both their modern and classic collections for the bathroom and kitchen hold a very beautiful pleasing aesthetic with innovative designs that are very inspiring.

The graceful rippling effect of the Ocean sink is simply stunning.

Also check out these extraordinary sinks from their Arya, Notte and Luce Collections… Gorgeous..

All Images and info via Rubinetterie Bandini and TraeChic


United Nations Memorial Cube Project by ACME

Every once in a while I’ll come across a beautiful building that I fall in love with. This one isn’t just beautiful outside, the whole concept, meaning and purpose is truly brilliant.

In October 2009 London-based architecture firm ACME was awarded third prize in a competition to design a United Nations memorial. Initiated by the city of Chungju in South Korea, the selected memorial will rest in the city’s UN Peace Park.

The project stands as a metaphor of  what UN is, it’s meaning, structure and system of operation.

“In the same way that the UN is formed by individual nations, the form of the cube is proposed to be formed from smaller cells that come together to form the final shape. The cells represent the collective nature of  the organization, where many different nations come together to create one entity, but without losing their individual identities”.

ACME proposed building contains 1500 seating spaces, 2 conference halls, a theater and exhibition spaces. Also gorgeous open staircase leads all the way up through exterior of the building to the roof, where an open public garden and green roof awaits.

Info and Pics via