Gorgeous Creatures…

Tonight, while browsing through some design related sites I’ve found myself one more page to bookmark. Looking through their collection I was just blown out and had no other words except amazing and gorgeous.

So, Ladys and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to amazing and gorgeous Shine Labs.

Shine Labs is a young design company created in 2009 and based in San Francisco. Shine Labs offers a meticulously curated collection of contemporary lighting and accessories that “shine” – artful objects that inspire a second look.

Owner James Henderson and in house designers Stephani Martinez and James Sampayan work in tandem with designers and artisans in the Far East to develop standout pieces that will delight the eye, amuse, or simply perform flawlessly.

Here are some amazing pieces from their collection:

Peacock Wire Votive and Seed Pod Votive are inspired by the liveliness of blooming fruit and flower pods.

Strips of felt move across a silk shade to form the Curve Pendant, reducing glare and creating a unique visual texture. Available in Ivory or Black. LOOOOOVE IT!!!

The Moire collection  of  pendants(Opium,Emperor, and Tibet Pendant) hangs in the aesthetic balance of being both modern minimal and classic traditional. Although the shapes are bold, these wireforms have a comfortable visual lightness that allows them to be at home in many architectural environments and situations.

Images via Shine Labs

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