GloboSushi – Global Glow

In continuation with our “restaurant design” tour of Moscow next place I’m going to take you is totally different from any other place you saw or will see in this tour later..

One word to describe it would most probably be “FUTURISTIC”…

It’s a sushi bar “GLOBOSUSHI”.

This restaurant is located on Noviy(New) Arbat street in THE HEART of Moscow. Don’t mix it with Stary(Old) Arbat street, which is one of the most historic streets of Moscow, full of tourists and souvenir shops, street artists and painters. Even this two streets  are located parallel to each other they are soooo different. See it yourself. Noviy Arbat street used to be  famous for its casinos. However since few years ago the gambling is forbidden, but the street is still shiny and full of lights. Now it’s full of restaurants of all types starting from russian traditional menu as well as interior and ending with futuristic Globosushi.

So Let’s go and check it out…

From the first look you can tell that the concept of the space is mostly based on color and it’s transformations.

All the furniture is made of clear plastic. Chairs, sofas, tables and everything else in the space is transparent.

You may wonder how comfy it may be to “lounge” on the plexiglass sofas.. well, for this reason some of them have cushions on.


If you choose to seat in the center of the space on the second floor you will have a choice of ordering from the menu or paying $40 and getting eat as much as you can from this cute transporter plus a hot dish. Fun Fact: the actual surface of this transporter is not moving at all. The trick is hidden under the surface and inside of the plates.

Magnets and most probably you have guessed already.

I’m sorry for the lack of views in the pictures but the restaurant didn’t let me make pictures so these are my spy camera shots :))

The lighting is created of lit translucent  tiles on the floor and ceiling. The colors of them are mostly different , like pink and blue or green and yellow. That  way  this simple lighting gives a lot. First of all it creates a fantastic gradient effect from ourside, and also it creates a diversity of colors and shades within the space .

It may look very uncomfortable because of bright colors and effect they may have on your vision. However, they thought of it! So the solution is simple.. most of the time they play with soft white, light blue, light pink and yellowish colors, but every 15 mins they have 5 mins of intense coloring like bright green(and you can feel like a Shrek), orange(Umpa lumpa?:)), red (who was red??) and dark blue..:))))

I hope you liked it…:)))

Also in the end of Novy Arbat you will find brand new Lotte Plaza which is a luxury trade center and a home for few restaurants and bars that I’m planning to cover in my next posts. So stay tuned..:))


    • Rui Bota
    • March 17th, 2011

    Hello! How you doing? I am the designer who created the Globosushi, as a foreigner in this country and always good to see opinions about our work, good)) or bad(( professionally it is motivating to work in this city or country where at least someone is sticking to what is happening around us, congratulations on your website, and thank you for your words about my work.

      • Mario Rodrigues
      • August 28th, 2012

      Boa tarde Rui Bota,

      Vi-o ontem nos “Portugueses pelo Mundo” a apresentar o seu restaurante e fiquei curioso. Hoje procurei-o e gostei do que vi.
      Em setembro estarei em Moscovo por motivos profissionais e estou convencido: tenho que ir ao Globosushi!

    • Rui Bota
    • September 13th, 2012

    Olá Mário, neste momento estou em Portugal a ter umas férias que já não tinha algum tempo)) em todo caso gosto sempre de me encontrar com os poucos portugueses que vão a Moscovo, infelizmente para mim o espaço criado não se encontra original por mudança de gestão, os negocios na Russia mudam muito de gestão, e quem ficou com o restaurante “russificou-o” e destruiu o conceito e design, mas são os riscos desta profissão, era realmente um espaço unico e de grande destaque, agora encontra-se banal e triste. Em todo o caso se tiver oportunidade de visitar, gosto sempre de ouvir as opiniões.

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